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James (Local Film)

When Walker meets his new neighbor James, what starts out as innocent pranks quickly ascends to hideous iniquity when Walker discovers his leverage over James.
(PG-13, 13 min.)


Sunday, October 2, 2022

6:00 PM

A mother (Tina) and her 15 year old son (Walker) introduce themselves to their new neighbors, Amy and her 8 year old son James. Walker and James quickly bond by performing pranks on people in their neighborhood. As the pranks progress, James shows Walker the safe inside his mom's closet which holds a handgun. Walker devises a plan to rob a local gas station and sends James inside telling him it will be their best prank yet. James attempts to rob the store, when the clerk doesn't believe it's a real gun James aims it to his side and fires, accidentally hitting a customer in one of the aisles.

Starring: Castle Quinn, Jameson Blaire, Marnie Liesel
Director: Nic Wiley

Director/Writer/Editor/DP/Producer: Nic Wiley
Associate Producer: Phillip Cloepfil
Line Producer: Phillip Cloepfil
Gaffer & Key Grip: Lukas Hopkins
Production Sound Mixer: Jordan Aultman
Camera Operator: Corey Breshears

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